Agency: Zumba in-house marketing

Role: Copy & Creative Strategy


Zumbini Launch Posters

Zumbini is a music and movement program for kids under 3 and their caregivers, to promote bonding, health and early learning. We served as lead creatives that developed this brand from scratch. Every aspect of the Zumbini concept - from naming to identity, aesthetic to voice - is wrapped in a whimsical storybook sensibility.

Family Materials

Zumbini isn't a fitness class. It's all about music and movement, and that doesn't end when class ends. To bring the experience home, we developed a full 50+ page story/songbook illustrated by a talent English artist, a CD of class music to go with the book, and other branded items.

"Become An Instructor" Promo Video & Splash Page



AD: Stephanie Gomez & Jorge Vallejo; CW: Ashlee Cramer, Christian Cipriani & Rachel Weintraub; GD: James St. Louis