We're All Just Guys Around Here

Guy's Barber Shop offers classic men's grooming on Spruce Street, in the heart of downtown Scranton. Damian Biancarelli, the Head Guy, is all about one thing: making you look your best. Guy's is a place where there are no perfect men, just perfect hair. There was a time when you could sit back and think with a warm towel on your face. When your barber knew your name and cared about your life, not just your look. Well, it's that time again.


Business Cards

2013 edition

2014 edition - Front and back logos printed with spot UV treatment

Shop Posters

One-Year Anniversary Poster

Two-Year Anniversary Poster

Radio Advertising

Original Products | Pirate's Blood Bay Rum Aftershave

Pirate's Blood - Bay Rum (Front)

Pirate's Blood - Bay Rum (Back)

Pirate's Blood - Bay Rum (Back)


MadeByGuys.com | The Official Site for Guy's Barber Shop Apparel & Dry Goods


Marketing | First Annual Guy's Expo

Valentine's Day "Pay What You Can" Promo 2015 & 2016

Original Shop Menu


Marketing Director, Creative Director, Designer: Christian Cipriani/Good Work Advertising

Branding: Christopher Moramarco, Teslart Studios