A Limited Collection of Unlimited Possibilities

The Bath Club Estates was to be the highest expression of tailored luxury living in South Florida. In a city that continually redefines new heights of opulence, this project – curated by developer R. Donahue Peebles and a coterie of creative visionaries – aimed to set a new standard. Good Work principal Christian Cipriani served as creative director and copywriter on this full 360-degree engagement. The team crafted a luxury brand inspired by the historic Bath Club in Miami Beach, and then executed a full launch marketing program. The development was ultimately canceled due to global economic concerns.



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Web Design (visit live site)

Print Ads (Pitch Concepts)

Print Ads (Published)

Deluxe Brochure

This is a high-end broker tool we created to promote the project. Production elements include McCoy paper with soft touch lamination on the housing, metallic inks, embossing (both with metallic ink and as a blind emboss), custom die work, and space for inserts like fold-out floor plans and business cards. The piece was extremely well received by both the client and potential buyers.

Email Marketing


Agency: Virsocom / Stradigys

Creative Director & Copywriter: Christian Cipriani/Good Work Advertising

Associate Art Director: Carlos Dominguez

Client/Marketing Managers: Rishi Kapoor, Meredith Lambert

Development Director: Raymond Gonzalez